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Anything you need to know about Stuffed Puffs®️

1. What are Stuffed Puffs®?

Simply put, our OG Stuffed Puffs® are delicious, fluffy vanilla marshmallows filled with real milk chocolate. We are so much more than just a filled marshmallow though. At Stuffed Puffs® we believe that Life’s More Fun Filled™, and we mean that quite literally. By taking your traditional marshmallow, flipping it on its head and stuffing it chock-full of creamy milk chocolate, we’re here to show the world that not all marshmallows are created equal. We’ll fill your s’mores with the perfect amount of delicious chocolate that melts from the inside out (adios milk chocolate bars!) and your days with fun-filled family memories. Not only are we perfect for roasting and toasting but Stuffed Puffs are also great for baking and snacking on right out of the bag.

2. Are Stuffed Puffs® made with real chocolate?

You betcha! Creamy milk chocolate is in the core of every Stuffed Puff, quite literally. Only the best for you!

3. Are Stuffed Puffs® gluten-free?

Stuffed Puffs® Classic Milk Chocolate and Chocolate-on-Chocolate flavors are inherently gluten-free, however they are not a Certified Gluten-Free product. This is because while there is no wheat in the ingredient list they are made in a facility that processes wheat products.

Our Cookies 'n Creme flavor does contain some wheat as it includes a cookie crumble filling.

4. Are Stuffed Puffs® nut-free?

Yes, Stuffed Puffs® are nut-free. Our manufacturing facility has not yet been certified as a nut-free facility, though we do not make any products containing nuts there!

5. What’s in Stuffed Puffs gelatin ingredient?

At Stuffed Puffs we do use pork derived gelatin, to give
each puff of fluff that soft, light fluffy texture.

6. Are Stuffed Puffs® kosher?

Stuffed Puffs® are not kosher.

7. Are these the best marshmallows ever created?

Yes, why yes they are.

8. What is the best way to heat a Stuffed Puffs® filled marshmallow?

You can heat them up the traditional way, on a stick outside around the campfire (though we would suggest not putting them directly in the flame—they tend to burn faster than traditional marshmallows since they are packed with chocolate, not air). Or, try out our millennial hack of popping your Stuffed Puffs® marshmallow in the microwave for roughly seven seconds to create the perfect S'mores Indoors™. An added bonus? Stuffed Puffs® don’t explode in the microwave like your average marshmallow. Either way you heat ‘em, they're delicious!

9. Are Stuffed Puffs® only for s’mores?

Only if (you’re boring cough cough) you want them to be. We don’t mean to toot our own horns, but Stuffed Puffs® are great for roasting, toasting, baking and snacking! Check out our recipes section to get inspired to create your next Stuffed Puffs® masterpiece the whole family can have fun making! And if you’re just hungry and want a snack, well, we’ve been known to eat them straight out of the bag too. We’re not ashamed of it one bit, they’re fluffing delicious however you choose to enjoy.

10. How many marshmallows are in a bag of Stuffed Puffs®?

On average, our 8.6 oz bags have 12 marshmallows, our BIG bites bags (5.9 oz, 6.5 oz, 7.3 oz) have 8 marshmallows, and our seasonal bags have 10 marshmallows.

11. Where can I buy Stuffed Puffs®?

Stuffed Puffs® are currently available for purchase at various retailers nationwide, on our website, and on Amazon. Check out our store locator to find where you can buy Stuffed Puffs® in your area!

12. Do you ship outside the US?

At this time we only ship within the US. Check back soon as we continue to expand!

13. What’s the best way to eat Stuffed Puffs®?

By the bag-full.

14. Can you introduce us to DJ Marshmello?

This could be him answering this question right now! Okay, maybe not, but in all seriousness we’d love to but the marshmallow business is keeping him quite busy these days!