These Chocolate-Stuffed Marshmallows Guarantee S’mores Will Never Be the Same

A classic s'more has three simple ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate, and a marshmallow. You can kill two birds with one stone (or just add extra chocolate to your campfire treat) with Stuffed Puffs marshmallows filled with real chocolate.

Chocolate-Stuffed Marshmallows Are Here To Make Your S'mores Next Level

Eating s'mores is basically a rite of passage for summer, but making the perfect graham cracker-marshmallow-chocolate combo is fairly tricky. How long do you roast the marshmallow for? Will the heat from the marshmallow be enough to melt the chocolate between the graham crackers?

Chocolate-stuffed marshmallows are here to take your s'mores to the next level

Summer is almost here and who doesn't love a gooey s'more fresh from the campfire? That chocolate-marshmallow-graham cracker combo is almost like heaven on earth, but building the perfect one can get downright messy.

Up your s'mores game this summer with chocolate-stuffed marshmallows coming to Walmart

A new sweet treat is headed for the shelves of Walmart, and it's one you don't want to miss. Stuffed Puffs are a new twist on an American favorite: marshmallows stuffed with chocolate! Add some graham crackers and your s'more will be picture perfect.

Chocolate-Stuffed Marshmallows Are Almost Here, and S’Mores Will Never Be The Same

Summer isn't summer without biting into a s'more around the campfire and tasting the ooey-gooey marshmallow combine with the melted chocolate. The amalgamation of the two sweets is childhood summer in food form.

Chocolate-filled marshmallows now exist and making s'mores is about to get a lot easier

If you've ever craved a s'more but didn't feel like gathering all of the ingredients and creating a huge mess, Stuffed Puffs might be your new summer staple.