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Classic Milk Chocolate Pastel Easter Singles

  • Each pastel puff of fluff is stuffed chock-full of real milk chocolate and individually wrapped, making them perfect for your Easter egg hunt!
  • With milk chocolate stuffed inside each fluffy pastel vanilla marshmallow, s’mores are easier than ever. Adios chocolate bars!
  • Don't have a campfire handy? Stuffed Puffs® are known to make the best S'mores Indoors™, making it easier than ever to make a s'more inside by microwave or oven. 
  • The perfect anytime treat that’s great for toasting, roasting, baking and snacking right out of the bag. 


6.5 oz per bag / Approx. 10 Individually Wrapped Stuffed Puffs® per bag

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Egg hunt meet colorful chocolate stuffed marshmallows! These sweet treats are individually wrapped pastel Stuffed Puffs® Classic Milk Chocolate Filled Marshmallows. Whether you're celebrating at home or from a distance, Stuffed Puffs® Easter singles packs offer a fun, chocolate treat that's sure to make your kids hop around looking for more.

These Limited Edition themed bags contain 10-single Classic Milk Chocolate Stuffed Puffs® per bag with the velvety milk chocolate core that fans know and love in in three different colors: Sunflower Yellow, Bubble Gum Pink and Daydreaming Blue.

6.5 oz per bag / Approx. 10 Individually Wrapped Stuffed Puffs® per bag