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The Stuffed Shop

Welcome to our one stop stuffed marshmallow shop.Welcome to our one stop stuffed marshmallow shop.

Simply put, Stuffed Puffs® are delicious, fluffy marshmallows filled with real milk chocolate. But we’re more than your average marshmallow and great for making things beyond just s’mores (even though we’re not going to lie, a Stuffed Puffs® s’more is fluffing delicious). Great for toasting, roasting, baking and snacking, these sweet treats  are the perfect addition to any pantry, though we do recommend hiding them in a secret spot so they don’t go missing in the night.

Favorite Flavors Variety Pack
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Favorite Flavors Variety Pack
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Best Sellers Variety Pack
4.7 | (213) Reviews
Best Sellers Variety Pack Classic Milk Chocolate & Chocolate-on-Chocolate
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