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Classic Milk Chocolate

Vanilla marshmallows filled with real milk chocolate

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Just call this flavor the OG Stuffed Puffs® flavor. On the exterior, these marshmallows may look like the other guys, but one bite into their fluff reveals a creamy, sweet, milk chocolate core. This flavor is all the best parts of the middle of a s’more in one delicious puff. Whether you use Classic Milk Chocolate to make the perfect s’more where the chocolate melts perfectly in tandem with the marshmallow (cue rom-com love scene montage here) or just snack it out of the bag, this flavor is sure to satisfy any craving for sweet, delicious goodness. With Stuffed Puffs®, roasting, snacking and baking just got a little more fun-filled. And yes, that pun was absolutely intended.

8.6 oz per bag / Approx. 14 Stuffed Puffs® per bag