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What are Stuffed Puffs®? FAQ plus FAQ minus
Stuffed Puffs® are light, fluffy vanilla marshmallows that have been filled with delicious confections, like real milk chocolate, smooth white creme and chocolate cookie crunch, and cake-flavored filling and sprinkles. It took ten years for our founder to uncover how to make these confectionery wonders. He made it his mission to create stuffed marshmallows with amazing flavor, the perfect chewy yet airy texture, and plenty of versatile uses. Many industry insiders said it couldn’t be done. We couldn’t be happier to say we proved them wrong.
Do Stuffed Puffs® contain marshmallow root? FAQ plus FAQ minus
Like most modern marshmallows, Stuffed Puffs® marshmallows don’t contain any actual marshmallow root. The mallow plant (Althaea officinalis) is a finicky herb with a slightly earthy flavor, making it a rare choice for use in modern candy. Ancient Egyptians made candy by combining marshmallow root with nuts and honey, and in the 1800s French candy stores painstakingly hand-whipped sap from the mallow root into the first version of the chewy marshmallow candies we know today. But making marshmallows out of marshmallow root was so tricky and time-consuming that candy makers had already shifted to a new marshmallow recipe method by the late 1800s. That method—which involves heating and whipping sugar syrups, then adding gelatin and flavors like vanilla extract—is still used to make the marshmallows we know and love today.
Have you ever thought of making marshmallows that taste like tiramisu, vanilla bean scones, mint chocolate chip ice cream ? FAQ plus FAQ minus
We’re always dreaming up new flavors for you to enjoy! Sign up for our email list below and you’ll be the first to know when a new Stuffed Puffs® creation debuts.
Are Stuffed Puffs® only for s’mores? FAQ plus FAQ minus
Nope! (Unless you want them to be.) Stuffed Puffs® are great for roasting, toasting, baking, infusing, and snacking straight out of the bag. So while Stuffed Puffs® are the perfect choice for s’mores, they can also be used to make instant hot chocolate, incorporated as an ingredient in many delicious recipes, and enjoyed solo.
Any Questions