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It all started with a s’more.

Mike Tierney, Stuffed Puffs Founder and CEO
Stuffed Puffs® S'mores

Meet Mike.

Our founder, Mike Tierney, has always loved cooking. So much so that before founding Stuffed Puffs®, he worked in the kitchens of two Michelin three-star restaurants, The French Laundry and Eleven Madison Park. But even while he was preparing some of the world’s most extravagant dishes, he had one thing on his mind: the perfect s’more. Since he was a kid on Long Island, enjoying summer nights around a campfire, singing along to Billy Joel (as Long Island kids do), Mike always wondered why someone didn’t just put the milk chocolate inside the marshmallow.

Why had no one else thought of making this ideal version of the marshmallow? For making s’mores, it obviously would be less messy, and taste way better, since the milk chocolate would melt from the inside out. Wouldn’t that be easier? The short answer is yes, why yes it would.

The long answer is actually not one bit. That’s because it took Mike tons of “MacGyvering” to create the process for making marshmallows stuffed with milk chocolate even remotely possible. Being highly competitive, and an eternal optimist, Mike took on this challenge full force and was determined not to stop until he solved the problem all the big candy companies couldn’t. After roughly ten years of dreaming, creating, tinkering and not sleeping, he finally solved it. Now, we won’t tell you his secrets, but we will tell you our Stuffed Puffs® make the perfect s’more and more (just check out our recipes page if you don’t believe us).

Stuffed Puffs® Filled Marshmallows Classic Milk Chocolate Resealable Bag
Stuffed Puffs® Filled Marshmallows

So, what exactly are Stuffed Puffs®?

Funny you should ask, because we happen to be in the know! Simply put, our Classic Stuffed Puffs® are delicious, fluffy marshmallows filled with real milk chocolate.

But we like to think we make more than just filled marshmallows. At Stuffed Puffs® we believe that Life’s More Fun Filled and we mean that quite literally. That's why we took a traditional marshmallow, flipped it on its head, and stuffed it chock-full of creamy milk chocolate that melts from the inside out. Not only are Stuffed Puffs® perfect for roasting and toasting, but they’re also incredible for baking and snacking. Stuffed Puffs® filled marshmallows are the perfect way to treat yourself and your family! Just call us the Einstein of marshmallows. Or don’t. Either way, they taste delicious.

Stuffed Puffs® S'mores Cookie Pizza
Stuffed Puffs® Filled Marshmallows Fruity Pebble Bites

Cool. What’s next?

We currently are sporting our Classic Milk Chocolate (a classic vanilla marshmallow filled with real milk chocolate) and Chocolate-on-Chocolate (a cocoa marshmallow filled with real milk chocolate) flavors. But don’t worry, we are filled with lots of ideas and constantly working on what’s next, so stay tuned. The best has yet to be enjoyed!