Stuffed Puffs® Hot Chocolate Snowmen Pals

Hot Chocolate Snowman Pals

Do you want to build a snowman (in your hot chocolate)? We do. This simple, fun treat is a yummy addition to any hot drink.

      Thanks to our friends at So Yummy for whipping up these sweet treats.


      • 6 Stuffed Puffs® Classic Milk Chocolate Filled Marshmallows (approx. half of a bag)
      • ¼ cup milk chocolate, melted
      • 2 orange sprinkles


      • 1 Using a long wooden skewer, stack and skewer three Stuffed Puffs® Filled Marshmallows on top of one another.
      • 2 Using a piping bag with a small round tip, or plastic baggie with a tiny hole cut from the tip, pipe two dots for eyes, dots to form a mouth, and a dot in the center to secure one orange sprinkle “nose.”
      • 3 Serve the Snowman Pals alongside each other with a piping hot mug of cocoa! (Be careful to not overfill your mug, dunking the Pals displaces some liquid!).


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