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Chocolate marshmallows filled with real milk chocolate

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We’re going to give it to you straight: If you love chocolate, you’ll love this flavor. After finishing our fifth bag of Classic Milk Chocolate for the day (it was becoming a problem), we asked ourselves what’s better than a fluffy marshmallow filled with real milk chocolate? And then it came to us…a fluffy chocolate marshmallow filled with real milk chocolate, that’s what! Our delicious Chocolate-on-Chocolate is just the decadent treat you can indulge in to satisfy your every chocolate craving. Like our OG flavor, you can use Chocolate-on-Chocolate for all of your toasting, roasting and baking needs, but we have to admit our favorite guilty pleasure these days is eating them straight for the bag. Nom on!

8.6 oz per bag / Approx. 14 Stuffed Puffs® per bag